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Meet Maxon

Maxon and his wife, Carline, yearned to give their five children a thriving future. But their extreme poverty made it impossible to provide shelter, education, nutrition, and o ther basic needs for all of their children.

So, they made the difficult decision many years ago to put three of their five children — Max, Christelle, and Marthe Angeline — in an orphanage, where they believed their children would be better off. Little did they know this decision, although made in love, would cause extreme trauma and grief for everyone involved. The children grew up feeling abandoned and the parents lived in constant guilt regretting their decision.

They prayed for a second chance and were introduced to Overture, where they attended parent workshops for months to prepare for their children’s return home. And praise God they have now been joyfully reunited! Their dignity as parents has been restored and they celebrate this miracle daily.

All of the children are now enrolled in school and the entire family participates in our family empowerment workshops at Camp Perrin! In addition, we’ve given this family a new home and through our Family Preservation Program, they receive farm support and livestock to expand their income and ability to provide for their flourishing family.

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