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Meet Love

Love Yodne, age 20, will graduate from our Young Adult Empowerment Program (YAEP) in July. He was born into a family of seven in the southern department of Haiti and was placed in the ESPWA orphanage at the age of four because his parents were unable to provide for his education, nutrition and healthcare. In 2020, he was reunited with his family at the age of 18 and entered into the YAEP to help him develop skills for the workforce.

In his first year, Love Yodne developed personal skills – both behavioral and social – that will help him in his interactions with people and society. In his second year, as with all youth in our program, Love Yodne learned about business and entrepreneurship and worked closely alongside a social worker and job coach. And now, he’s finishing up his last business project and is then planning to launch a sewing shop in his community.

Thanks to the money that the program has saved for him over the last two years, he’ll be able to finance and launch his business project independently. The shop will not only provide him with an income but also provide jobs to other youth in his community.

Love Yodne is grateful for this program and knows it has impacted the rest of his life. His parents are also grateful for this program and have committed to helping their son set up and maintain his sewing shop.

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