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Meet Lolia & Bernard

Lolia and her husband live in extreme poverty and have struggled for years to make ends meet for their two children, Bertholet and Lonia.

Their priority as parents is to give their children access to a strong education to increase their chances of a better future, something neither Lolia nor her husband were given growing up. Fortunately, Overture has been able to provide this family with educational scholarships at our ESPWA school as well as a monthly food allowance.

This support has greatly impacted the family’s economic situation. Lolia shares, “I am very grateful for Overture’s help to support us with a small income that enables us to feed all our children. We don’t have to ask our neighbors for help feeding the kids anymore and their grades have improved greatly. We now have hope that our children will have a good education and a better future.”

Our journey with Lolia and her family has just begun. We are committed to helping this family become fully sustainable and independent. And we are hopeful that giving these children an education will change the trajectory of their futures and help them break through their family’s cycle of extreme poverty.

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