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Meet Anel, Davidson & Jacques

All too often, children raised in orphanages have little motivation to learn self-sufficiency as they enter adulthood, resulting in full dependency on others.

Such was the case for Anel, Davidson and Jacques who, not long ago, refused to entertain a life without the orphanage at ESPWA. But thanks to our Young Adult Empowerment Program — a mentorship course where educators and community leaders teach youth how to achieve professional success, live independent lives, contribute to civic responsibility and understand life skills — the lives of these three young men were forever changed.

After two years of hard work and unwavering commitment, which included developing a viable business plan, preparing a detailed budget and participating in hands-on internships, these three men graduated from the program and started their very own business. With funding help from our program and a space in town to operate, these men have started their own barber shop and strive to one day create jobs for other youth in their communities.

Their dream of a sustainable, independent life is being realized because Anel, Davidson and Jacques were equipped with the education and tools they needed to break the cycle of extreme poverty in their respective families, which will also result in strengthening their communities.

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