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Young Adult Empowerment Program has a new name - Rejuvenation!

Young adults in Haiti face difficult challenges as they make the transition from childhood to adulthood – with the current state of violence in Haiti today, the challenges have significantly increased for our youth – limiting their opportunities for education and employment.  Many of them turn to gangs and dangerous activities to provide for themselves and their families, perpetuating a cycle of desperation and hopelessness.


Together with local authorities, we’re creating a program that doesn’t currently exist in Haiti, an alternative path for those young people who might feel like they have no choice but to enter gangs, live on the streets or end up in prison.


Our experience and successes with the Young Adult Empowerment Program and our partnership with the local child protection agencies (IBESR and BPM) and the prison administration have created an opportunity to expand this program’s reach to include youth who are in conflict with the law, living on the streets or those separated from their families by orphanages.


Join us in a discussion about broadening our Young Adult Empowerment Program and restoring young adults’ hope and vision for their futures (Isaiah 40:31).


Sign up:  August 31st, 2023 at 7pm ET

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