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For a child to really thrive, they need a quality education and a loving family. Parents are the most important role model in a child’s life, which means that strong, united families are the key to building healthy children and, ultimately, healthy communities. In Haiti however, providing for children and their education is often a challenge.

Through the reunification of children, we have learned that Haitian parents often relinquish their children when faced with daily economic crises that prevent them from providing basic needs for their children.

Our program strives to keep families together with education and counseling aimed to empower families to achieve long-term success.

At Overture International we’re dedicated to empowering impoverished families in Haiti through sustainable social, community and economic development. As we work to break the cycle of poverty and aid dependency, Overture and its partners are working with families to take ownership of their futures and experience the dignity of providing for themselves.

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  • Provide scholarships for children

  • Encourage long-term food support through farming & animal husbandry

  • ​Provide safe shelter through home repairs or new home construction

  • Encourage economic growth with training & job creation

  • Counseling and vocational skill training is provided for parents

How we help families

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