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Family Preservation

Stronger Families, Stronger Haiti

Families are the bedrock of every thriving community. When family members are equipped to care for and support each other, they are able to contribute to building a resilient and self-reliant family and community. That’s why Overture is dedicated to empowering impoverished families in Haiti through our Social Support Model and its Five Pillars. As we work together to break the cycle of poverty and aid dependency, we’re enabling and encouraging families to take ownership of their lives, their futures and to experience the independence of providing for themselves.

Keeping Families Together

Through the Overture Social Support Model and our Five Pillars focused on Empowerment, Education, Nutrition, Healthcare and Housing, we’re working in each community to preserve and strengthen families by:

  • Providing access to education through scholarships for school-age children

  • Encouraging a sustainable agricultural and economic infrastructure that includes farming, animal husbandry and other avenues the create employment and income opportunities 

  • Providing safe, disaster-resistant housing through home repairs and new home construction

  • Empowering families to contribute to building their economy through vocational training, job creation and entrepreneurship 

  • Providing counseling and child protection training to parents and other family members

Watch this short video to learn more about our Family Preservation and Empowerment efforts!

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