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Young Adult
Empowerment Program

Empowering Young Adults

Young Adults in Haiti face difficult challenges as they make the transition from childhood to adulthood. With limited educational and employment opportunities many of them turn to gangs and dangerous activities to provide for themselves and their families, perpetuating a cycle of desperation and hopelessness. Through Overture’s Social Support Model and our Young Adult Empowerment Program, we’ve established an effective path for these young people to avoid this cycle and move towards self-reliance and independence.

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Haitians Teaching Haitians

Overture’s Young Adult Empowerment Program, provides a broad range of services to prepare and guide emerging generations, with the ultimate goal of helping them achieve financial independence, emotional balance and meaningful social connections. We focus on four main components, Professional, Life Skills, Social and Interpersonal Development. Our programs help young adults understand themselves better, find motivation, develop communication skills, improve their ability to manage life’s challenges and make ethical decisions.


​Our Young Adult Empowerment Program is fully designed and delivered by Haitian social workers, educators, and professionals who understand the unique needs and challenges the young adults face every day.

Mentorship in Action

Our Overture Young Adult Empowerment Program students are ​mentored by licensed social workers and psychologists and are offered vocational training in a variety of trades that provide opportunities for hands-on job training. They’re also guided in ethical decision-making and taught financial literacy and technical skills that equip them for success.  We help these young people identify opportunities that they may have never imagined possible. This work includes:

  • developing communications skills for better

  • improving personal and professional skills

  • acquiring skills to address life challenges

  • teaching problem solving strategies

  • expanding job opportunities and preparing
    them to launch new businesses

Overture Young Adult Empowerment Program students play a critical role in moving their families and communities from dependence to self-reliance. They are the future community leaders, business owners and role models throughout southern Haiti.

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