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At Overture International we believe that young adults can play a vital role in transforming the country of Haiti.  When properly supported, trained, resourced, we have faith that generational cycles of poverty and dependency can be broken, one young life at a time.

Our Young Adult Empowerment Program, provides a broad range of services to prepare and guide emerging generations, with the ultimate goal of helping them achieve financial independence, emotional balance and meaningful social connections.

By focusing on four main components, Professional, Life Skills, Social and Interpersonal Development our programs help young adults understand themselves better, find motivation, develop communication skills, improve their ability to manage life’s challenges and make ethical decisions.

  • Individuals participating in the program find interpersonal development through dedicated counseling and psychological support.

  • Social skills are developed through regular recreational group activities.

  • Life skills are fostered through opportunities such as internships, financial literacy classes and business training, while continuing education and vocational training helps to them to develop professionally.

Our Young Adult Empowerment Program is fully designed and delivered by Haitian social workers, educators, and professionals who understand the unique needs and challenges the young adults face every day.

WhatsApp Image 2021-01-18 at 9.11.01 AM
WhatsApp Image 2021-01-18 at 9.11.01 AM

Students are...

  • ​mentored by licensed social workers and psychologists

  • offered vocational training in a variety of trades

  • provided opportunities for hands-on job training

  • guided in ethical decision-making

  • taught financial literacy and technical skills

Business training...

  • ​helps individuals develop a vision for opportunities

  • improves both personal and professional skills

  • develops communications skills for better relationships

  • improves skills to address life challenges

  • teaches problem solving strategies

  • expands job opportunities and launches new businesses

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Long-term outcomes

Young adults will​

  • achieve professional success

  • have the ability to live independent lives to the glory of God, themselves, their families and Haiti

  • develop a sense of civic responsibility to their community

  • grow through ongoing mentoring and skill development

make a difference

empower the futures of young adults

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