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In this newsletter, you will find highlights of the work you’ve made possible over the first half of this year and also our vision for the coming months and how you can continue to help us fulfill our Haiti Promise to those we serve.


We’re excited to share some remarkable milestones and accomplishments as well as some examples of more sensitive work that is happening behind the scenes but making a huge impact on the most vulnerable in our communities - the children.

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Newsletter Spotlight


In the newsletter, you will read one of our milestones about the 252 children reunified from the orphanage.  Today, all of the children remain unified with their families, and 170 of them have just recently completed their three-year individualized support plans.  One example of the reunified children is Widna, a young girl who had been separated from her family when her parents were unable to provide for her basic needs and relinquished her to the orphanage. Widna's family was equipped them with the tools, resources and information they needed to become empowered to care for Widna and her six siblings.


Our Overture Social Support Model was designed to empower communities to provide resources and security for their families. It is our approach to help children by equipping their families and communities. We hope you find this newsletter informative and inspiring.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of Haiti's most vulnerable.

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