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We’re excited to share with you how your support is empowering Haiti’s vulnerable communities to protect their children, and work their way closer to a life of self-reliance. This transformative work is responsible for building an infrastructure of essential services through our Overture Social Support Model that is resulting in stronger families and communities empowered to help each other end the cycle of generational dependence.

Our latest newsletter also highlights our work, in partnership with IBESR, to close harmful orphanages and how we’re meeting the increased demand for social services because of the influx of children and families needing support. Overture remains dedicated to rescuing and nurturing these children in safe environments, collaborating with IBESR to reunite them with their families, including building a strong foster family system for those children unable to return to their birth parents or other family members. We are adamant that Orphanages are NOT the Answer and committed to this path, which you are making possible.

Click the image below to read our 2024 Bi-Annual Newsletter

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Newsletter Spotlight


Sheidena is an 18 year-old young woman who has attended the school at Overture's campus in Les Cayes since kindergarten. Her consistent and successful experience is not the norm for most young girls in southern Haiti. Because families are required to pay for their children’s education, it is not unusual for children like Sheidena to be deprived of an education. In addition to her own hard work and dedication, scholarships from Overture helped make this empowering education possible for Sheidena. Because of her educational experience, she is able to realistically plan to pursue an advanced degree, with a dream of working in the medical field as a doctor, a surgeon or a dentist. For many of her peers, just surviving childhood, much less succeeding in school, is a challenging goal to achieve. So for Sheidena to realistically imagine a future that could include a career in medicine is truly incredible.


She expresses her gratitude for the opportunity this way, “I am so grateful for my education. So many others have not had this opportunity and I don’t take it for granted. I want to take full advantage of what I’ve been given and for which I’ve worked so hard to accomplish. I hope other children will have the same opportunity and take it seriously.”

We hope you’ll take a few minutes to read this latest newsletter, join us in celebrating our wins, learning about our vision for the remainder of 2024, and to find out how you can partner with us to continue the amazing transformation that is taking place in southern Haiti.

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