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Tapion Joy!

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Last week when the majority of schools throughout Haiti were closed due to the violent protest, children in Tapion experienced their first day of school!

How did this happen?

A determined and dedicated community of parents, leaders, and OOI team members!

"Jesus Loves the Little Children, all the children of the world"

reminds us that "all are precious in His sight"! Enjoy our pictures!

Our goal is to build a school with 6 classrooms within this community development project. Using the space in the Relief Aid Depot is a temporary solution and is in response to the urgent need for education in the community of Tapion. There is still lots to do!!

Please continue to pray for the families and our project as we continue to develop economic solutions in Tapion, Tiburon.

Read more about the development plans.

If you are lead to contribute, click here to donate.

Enjoy more videos:

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