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Widna’s kind smile and contagious laugh fill her mother’s house with warmth. She lives with her parents and 6 siblings in Camp Perrin, located into the mountains outside of Les Cayes.


Their feeble home is a mosaic of pieces of tin and cement blocks pieced together, and houses 11 people its in one room. The bare earth is their floor, the open space outside of their home is their kitchen, and there is no toilet. Widna’s mother trades coffee, sugar, and spices at the market in town, while her father is farmer dependent on the land.


Every parent wants to provide comfort and stability for their children. But when you hardly make enough money to feed your family, how can you begin to imagine creating a better home for them?


This desire – to give your child every opportunity you possibly can – is what had led Widna’s parents to seek help from ESPWA.

“I’m doing very well in my family. I missed them very much. Now I don’t feel stress anymore.” -Widna

When ESPWA social workers visited Widna’s family to talk about her returning home, her parent’s hearts were overcome with anticipation and hope. Despite their poor living conditions, the pain of the separation had become overwhelming. Knowing that they would receive support through our Family Preservation program, being able to hold Widna in their arms gave them faith that they can create a better life.


There is nothing more verifying than the love and acceptance of a mother or father. Even if what they can provide is small, sincere love fills all of the cracks. After a long time being separated from her mother and father, Widna can grow under their love and guidance without psychological or social problems hindering her in adulthood.

Like many adults living in rural areas, Widna’s mother and father are both illiterate.

Through the Family Preservation program, not only is Widna’s school costs being covered, but her parents have access to literacy classes, parenting and financial training, and counseling support. Just as every child deserves to live in a stable, loving home, every parent deserves the chance to provide that for them.

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