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a school for TAPION, TIBURON

Overture International is undertaking a new initiative in Tapion, one of the impoverished communities near Tiburon on the southern tip of Haiti, to build eight new classrooms over the next two years.  The region of Tiburon, Haiti is divided into four sections. The section of Tiburon where this school is desperately needed is the coastline area called Tapion.


Tapion is home to 700 families with more than 2,500 children. While we currently serve 100 children in cramped emergency domes, our dream is to reach many more. Our initial goal is to build four new classrooms that will more than TRIPLE the number of children to whom we can offer an education each semester.

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The Seleni family lives in the town of Tapion. There are six children under the age of 14, only two of whom are able to attend school.  That means the other four children are left on their own during the day receiving no education.  And each day that passes without access to school and education means a higher potential they will end up in poverty, or face other life-threatening dangers.

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In Haiti, when kids aren't in school, they're at risk and face dangers we can't imagine such as being separated from their families, a life on the streets, being trafficked or falling prey to abuse.  Your investment in new classrooms for these children will not only provide them an education but could very well save their lives.

Only 4% of the children in Tapion are currently going to school!

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 our GOAL: 
4 classrooms by September 2021 + 4 more by September 2022

The Tapion school project will be built on the model successfully implemented at the ESPWA main campus in Les Cayes and their campus at Camp Perrin.  These and other ESPWA schools currently serve more than 1600 students ranging from pre-k to university preparation. The schools provide reduced fees and full scholarships for many children whose parents cannot afford public school fees. Students also receive a hot meal everyday thanks to the generosity and commitment of donors.


about the classrooms

- each classroom is 21' x 21'

- block wall construction

- wood frame, tin roof, concrete flooring

- rebar structural reinforcements

- secure metal doors and windows

The classrooms can seat a minimum of 36 students and can also be used for workshops and community gatherings. 

classroom cost: $16,250 usd

All labor for the Tapion school project will be performed by Haitian workforce, providing numerous jobs and creating opportunities for new economic development initiatives.  As we attempt to do with all Overture International projects, this initiative will continue to improve the physical, economic and community infrastructure in one of the most impoverished regions of Haiti.

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Phase 1:

  • will enable Overture to add 3rd grade and also increase the number of current kindergarteners, 1st and 2nd graders

  • will serve 360 kids with 2 shifts of school per day

  • anticipated completion: by September 2021 for the 21/22 school year

Phase 2:

  • will enable Overture to add 4th, 5th and 6th grades, completing a full primary school offering

  • will serve an additional 360 kids with 2 shifts of school per day, bring total number to 720

  • anticipated completion: by September 2022 for the 22/23 school year

classrooms built by OVERTURE

help make this DREAM A REALITY

Together, we can invest in something that will help change the destiny of generations of children, and ultimately the country of Haiti itself!

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