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We are energized by the stories of growth and progress we’ve witnessed these first six months of the year. Our Social Support Model continues to guide all of our work in southern Haiti and the communities we serve are being strengthened as a result.


We could easily fill this newsletter with impressive impact numbers and performance metrics, but instead, we’re choosing to focus this newsletter on the people and the stories behind the numbers. A story about a social worker who is passionate about empowering his neighbors. A story about a family who recently received a newly built home. A story about a young adult who now possesses the skills needed to excel in a career. Real-life stories with real-life impact. Because nothing is more powerful.


We hope you enjoy taking a deeper dive into the WHY and the WHO behind our work. TOGETHER, we have achieved more in the last six months than we ever thought possible, and the Lord has opened doors that only He Himself could open. We have no doubt that with your continued support, the next six months of this year will be even greater than the first. And we’re looking forward to the journey!  

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