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our Strategies
to sustainable development

To Overture, sustainable development means investing in training to develop viable skills and building a social support system that transforms the poverty/dependent mindset and empowers individuals and communities.

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Our approach to alleviating extreme poverty in Haiti focuses on the well-being of individuals and respecting the rights of Haitians to determine and manage their own development path. Effective training is led by Haitians themselves, as they hold the position, agency and influence to move their families, friends and neighbors to action. 


Overture believes that providing communities with infrastructure and resources to expand their capacity to strengthen families is the key to making HAITI STRONGER

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The following five elements define our STRATEGIES that play a vital role in guiding us as we empower families and communities toward independence and self-sufficiency

Strategy No.1

We focus on the highest risk families and communities who are ready to solve their own challenges.

Overture International proudly supports

Sustainable Development Goals. 

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