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Protecting those most vulnerable

September 10, 2020

Overture International strongly believes that children have the best opportunity to develop and thrive within a loving family.  This belief is strongly supported by evidence and experience throughout the world. 


This is why, in June 2020, Overture International announced its support of ESPWA and the work it is doing to strengthen children, families and their community.

That said, one of the risks of orphanages is that there is the potential for abuse.  Sadly, children do not always get the care they are promised in these circumstances.  When abuse does enter the picture, not only is the survivor of the abuse victimized, but families, staff members, and supporters also experience repercussions from the abuse.  Everyone suffers.

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Unfortunately, as an example of the challenges within the Haitian orphanage system, we've recently received information of a criminal complaint of sexual misconduct filed against a former leader of ESPWA.  The incident may have occurred in 2009.  Read our statement released on this matter.

While we are unable to provide more information on an ongoing legal matter, Overture International and ESPWA’s priority is to stand with our vulnerable beneficiaries and ensure that their rights are protected and respected.  Information on how to report child protection matters, specifically in Haiti can be found in our Child Protection Policy.

How Can I Learn More?

Click here to read a report from Lumos, a well-known organization that advocates for ending the institutionalization of children. 

This document presents case evidence from Haiti of abuse and trafficking in orphanage that represents a pattern rather than isolated events.

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