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in the commune of Beaumont


Kasanet is in the Commune of Beaumont (in Grand'Anse Department of Haiti). The families in this community are extremely vulnerable because they lack the infrastructure and resources necessary to provide for their daily basic needs. When implementing the community meal program, one of the leaders of Kasanet said to our social workers: “I think the community meal program is a great initiative for our community. After the earthquake, a lot of people in the area didn't have anything to eat. They went hungry. Now that there is this program in the area, people have the hope of having access to a hot meal at least three times a week.”

More findings from our community assessment can be found below.


Population (est.)


Children (est.)





Impact of Earthquake




Homes Destroyed or Severely Damaged

Our social workers are supporting community leaders as they identify the long term goals for their community.  Implementation of our model of social support will increase the community's capacity to strengthen families.  We are confident that this will result in families being better prepared to survive and quickly recover from the next unexpected disaster or even that puts them at risk.

Most importantly, our social support model serves as the building blocks to share our faith, hope and love of Christ in Haiti.

Social workers conducted a community assessment together with the community leaders of Kasanet. Here are some of their findings:

Social Issues

The community leaders have identified many cases of physical violence and children that have been placed in orphanages. Cases of violence tend to increase when there are natural disasters or country-wide crisis such as the political insecurity. Generational poverty, lack of education and social support all contribute to the vulnerability of children in this area.


Although this community has many schools, all but one of them is private. Therefore many children cannot attend school because their parents are not able to cover tuition or materials.


The primary means of income for families is from farming and animal husbandry. Families are at a disadvantage for nutrition because the crops do not produce enough to feed everyone or yield income to provide for other daily basic needs.


The housing situation in Kasanet was already critical when the earthquake stuck this community on August 14, 2021.  More than 500 homes were destroyed.


Unlike other communities, Kasanet has access to a hospital in their Commune. Still, most people cannot pay for medical care because the hospital is not free. It is to be noted, that the local hospital does not offer mental health or public health trainings.

Chatry Assessment

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