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Recovery for
10 Communities 


Since the earthquake, we've worked tirelessly to transition through each of the three disaster response stages to help families and communities recover. Many of the communities we serve are within close proximity to the epicenter of the earthquake, resulting in some of the hardest hit and most severely damaged communities in the Sud Department.  

Through our rigorous community assessments, we've identified 10 priority communities that we believe are the most vulnerable as they currently lack access to critically needed resources and are in desperate need of support.


in the commune of Cavaillon


in the commune of Camp Perrin


in the commune of Chantal


in the commune of Beaumont


in the commune of Torbeck


in the commune of Saint Louis du Sud


in the commune of Maniche


in the commune of Saint Jean du Sud


in the commune of Cavaillon


in the commune of Maniche

Based on our success at ESPWA and in other communities, we are confident that our model of social support increases a community's capacity to strengthen individuals and families and thus transforms communities. Most importantly, our social support model serves as the building blocks to share our faith, hope and love of Christ in Haiti.

Equipping these 10 communities with our social support model will be transformational. 


They will be better prepared to survive and quickly recover from the next unexpected disaster or event that puts them at risk. Remember, we will not just invest in these 10 priority communities for the short-term disaster response. We remain committed to these communities and their families for the long haul, until they become fully self-sufficient.

Families like Ervelia's

Ervelia is the grandmother of three young children, and because their mom passed away, she is the sole caregiver and guardian. Ervelia doesn’t know how to read or write and has no income or financial support. The family often can’t afford food, and because of the recent earthquake, they have no home or place to sleep. In addition to lacking these basic needs, the family is unable to afford the cost of school, so without our help, these three children will not be able to attend school this year.

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Ervelia and her grandchildren are like so many other families in the communities we serve. They are not only struggling to survive, but they are at significant risk of separation if they can’t access the programs and services they need to overcome the financial, educational and emotional challenges they face each day. Ervelia’s family is a top priority for Overture. By bringing our proven programs into her community, we can put Ervelia and her family on a path to not only survive, but also to live a stable life built on social, educational and economic independence.

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With your generous financial support, you can bless Ervelia’s family, and many more like them, with HOPE for today and PROMISE for tomorrow.

Ervelia's Story
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