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Children First in Times of Crisis

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Communications in general is a challenge in Haiti but this awesome group of child protection partners (GTPE-SUD) were committed today to join together and discuss the high risks that children are exposed to, expecially during the Coronavirus pandemic, and how we can best protect them with our JOINT EFFORTS.

The pandemic situation has rapidly changed the living environment of children. The measures that have been taken by the government such as school closures and travel restrictions are disrupting the social support of children and undoubtedly constitute additional stress factors for parents or caregivers, and also pose quite a few risks for child protection, either on the streets, in prisons or in children's homes. For example: reduced supervision and neglect of children, deterioration of pre-existing mental health problems, increased child abuse and domestic violence. This means we must act quickly, strategically and precisely.
Rolther Louis, CFRAPS

Overture partners with child protection organizations such as IBESR, CFRAPS, PES, LFBS, UNICEF, BPM, and more to provide critical services for children and families.

Our joint efforts make a stronger impact!

Please consider a donation for one of these


1. Food security for families in extreme vulnerable situations

2. Support for youth in Prisons & street children (Food, medical care, family tracing, mediation, assuring rights are not violated, and rehabilitation)

3. Reunification, child care needs, and family strengthening for children in orphanages

4. Identification of children (including Restaveks) in need for a foster family

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