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Lisa Hyatt

Executive Director

Lisa founded Overture International in 2017 for the purposes of preserving families and for community and economic development. 


Lisa has extensive experience in For-Profit, Not-for-Profit, and Foreign NGOs across a variety of industries in program development, implementation of processes and procedures, fraud prevention, contract and project management, training, financial management and consulting, data analysis, project and grant reporting, and tax services. 


Specifically, in Haiti, Lisa has many years’ experience in financial process development, management training, program development, community development and outreach, managing global logistics, global inventory management, coordination of imports/exports, and the planning of on-time production of projects for crisis restoration. 


While working in Haiti, Lisa has developed many Partners, within Haiti and the US, that have entrusted her with projects such as food and supply aid relief, restoration from Hurricane Matthew in 2016, accountability oversight, development of sustainable solutions, and consultation for planning and problem-solving.  Most importantly, she has trained and developed strong Haitian teams to further the success of sustainability in communities. 


Lisa holds an MBA with concentrations in Accounting and Global Management, Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional (CNAP), and has owned and operated a consulting business, Overture Inc., in North Carolina, USA since 2006 with a focus on financial process and program development in Haiti since 2011.