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Haiti is only as strong as its children, families and communities. 

And unlike the U.S., they don't have a support system of food pantries, social services, or government safety nets when they're in crisis.

So, that's where OVERTURE steps in.  That's where YOU step in to make Haiti a better place.  To make Haiti Strong!

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THANK YOU for giving HOPE


GIVING TUESDAY was a SUCCESS!  You helped us kickstart our campaign to make Haiti Strong by raising a grand total of $27,400...more than DOUBLE our GOAL! We can’t thank you enough for your generosity. 

Your donations on Giving Tuesday and throughout December will help us to empower strong children, families and communities in Haiti in 2021. Now as we look to the rest of the month, we’re eager to celebrate and honor the tangible impact you’re having on families throughout Haiti like Solange...


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Solange is a hard-working single mother and grandmother living in a community near ESPWA. She has two daughters who live with her, and together they have seven children under the age of 12. They live in a one-room ramshackle house that is not structurally sound and has a roof that leaks when it rains. Solange and her daughters earn money by helping farmers at harvest time. However, it’s not nearly enough to cover even the basic necessities for the family, and oftentimes,  there is not enough food for each to have one meal per day.  

In addition to all of these challenges, because their families could not afford to send them to school, Solange and her daughters are illiterate. They desperately want the young children to attend school so they can have a chance of breaking free from the generational poverty that’s been part of their family for so long. The children are in great need of Overture scholarships to ensure they break that cycle of illiteracy and poverty.



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With your generous financial support, this family, and many more like them, can gain the life-transforming skills they need to not only survive in Haiti, but to build strong, sustainable families who can positively impact their entire community for generations to come.

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How YOU can make



Empowering strong role models in the family homes is a key component to protecting children and preventing the separation of families.  Your donation to Family Preservation will allow a family to attend eight weeks of family strengthening workshops focused on child protection, child development and skill training.  Workshops are conducted in vulnerable communities, so families have easy access to vital training and support.


Prepare and guide students toward a productive, sustainable career through the Young Adult Empowerment Program. Youth are mentored by licensed social workers and psychologists and offered opportunities for hands-on job training. Sustainable futures are built through our guidance in ethical decision-making, financial literacy and technical skills.


Create a sustainable solution to malnutrition by investing in the local food systems in Haiti. How do we do that? We support families who have the capabilities to expand their farms and we facilitate the development of community farming and animal husbandry programs.


Family strengthening is all about the kids! ESPWA provides vital programs to help each child develop mentally, emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually through the age of 18…while living at home. For a child to really thrive, they need a quality education and a loving FAMILY! ESPWA has broadened their activities to provide a variety of training and support programs to vulnerable families that help them become self-sufficient in meeting their own needs.


Restore dignity for a vulnerable family living in extreme poverty with a safe and secure home. Every new home creates a WORKING COMMUNITY! Overture empowers the surrounding community by collaborating with local leadership, purchasing locally and hiring community members to build the new home.

*Or contribute to the ongoing efforts of an awesome fundraising team in Minnesota who is on the way to building their 12th home with us!  CLICK HERE to learn more

THANK YOU for helping us make