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Ferlanda’s shy smile warms all of the hearts she touches, including all of those special people who make up her family. As is often the case in Haiti, Ferlanda’s family is a large, blended family. Her mother had 8 children before starting a new home with her father, who had 3 children, bringing the grand total to 12 children in one household.


As you might imagine, this is many mouths to feed, bodies to clothe, and educations to fulfill. Ferlanda’s mother a food vendor and her father a fisherman, their combined incomes were not enough to provide Ferlanda and all of her siblings the same educational opportunities. Her parents sought help from ESPWA when they decided to place Ferlanda in residence on campus.


Ferlanda has since returned home to live with her family – and couldn’t be happier. Her family having been granted a new home by another international organization; she lives comfortably with 6 other family members. Her mother beams of the excellent grades she brings home from school, and she is rich in her relationships with her siblings and friends in her community.

“At nightfall, after I study my lessons and write my homework, my parents let me go play hide-and-seek with my friends. We play a lot.”  Ferlanda

ESPWA continues to support Ferlanda’s educational endeavors, covering school fees, books, and uniform costs. This is a considerable relief for her parents, whose incomes vary from day-to-day depending on how fruitful their respective jobs are that day. 


By helping with Ferlanda’s education, her parents are able to focus on keeping food on the table for their children. Ferlanda’s parents will also benefit from services in the Family Preservation program, such as business and financial training.

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