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Strengthening families and communties with resources they can rely on

our programs

Overture's Social Development programs focus on child development, family strengthening, and community resources that provide protections and supports for children and families.

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desired outcome

Families have the resources, skills and protections needed to raise their children in a healthy and safe environment.

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ESPWA child development center

Overture supports vital programs and support to vulnerable children and their families.  Our desired outcome for child development is to prevent the separation of families by keeping children in the most natural and supportive environment possible – with their families.

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family preservation

Haitian parents often relinquish their children when faced with daily economic crises that prevent them from providing basic needs for their children.

​Because we believe families offer the best hope of a nurturing environment for developing children, our program strives to keep families together with education and counseling aimed to empower families to achieve long-term success. Our social workers customize support plans for families that lead to self-sufficiency.  Learn More about Family Preservation

young adult empowerment program

Young adults are offered a broad range of services to prepare and guide them towards a productive career. Educators and community leaders mentor youth to achieve professional success, live independent lives, develop civic responsibility and life skills.

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child protective services

Overture serves in the best interest of children by supporting child protection agencies, offering child protection and rights training, and support for at-risk and delinquent youth.

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work in action

make a difference

provide critical services for children and families

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