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Growing the local economy through trainings, jobs and business opportunities.

our programs

Overture's Economic Development programs provide job opportunities, hands-on training, and grow the local economy.  We incubate new enterprises through hands-on experience, business training, and start-up capital, in collaboration with local businesses and partners.


desired outcome

Individuals and communities have the resources, skills and protections needed to attain economic independence (free from aid) in a manner protective of the local community and environment.


business & entrepreneurship

Haiti faces extreme barriers to economic growth: Poverty, corruption, vulnerability to natural disasters, low levels of education.

With business and entrepreneurship training youth and adults can develop skills that will help them care for their family with economic independence.


community development projects

Every community development project leads to a working community, which strengthens the local economy. We empower the surrounding community by collaborating with local leadership, purchasing local supplies and hiring local community members to build the new home. And through the process, local crew members are able to support their families and gain hands-on experience that gives them skills toward gaining future employment.

investing in futures

Currently more than half of Haiti's population lives on or below $1.25 per day.  By investing in new business ventures, we expand the economy and a family's ability to be self-sufficient in meeting their own needs.

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make a difference

in the lives of Haitian families by supporting economic development programs

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