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Ways YOU can help families recover from this disaster and be
Stronger and more Resilient


Priority Needs for Recovery

As we enter this second phase of response to the 7.2 magnitude earthquake on August 14th, 2021 that devastated many communities we primarily serve in the southern region including our central location at ESPWA in Les Cayes, it is critical that we make sure to keep our eyes on the long-term picture. This means we must invest in and prepare for the third and final Recovery stage of our disaster response efforts right now.

The large majority of homes, schools and other structures were either completely destroyed or extremely damaged. Repairs and rebuilds will be a tremendous portion of our ongoing recovery work, and there will continue to be a need for nutrition support and other materials as the rising cost and scarcity of supplies are crippling vulnerable families.

Here is a list of areas in which you can invest in the lives and futures of our friends in Haiti:

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Our goal is to repair and build 100 homes as soon as possible. To do this, we must secure supplies like cement, rebar, and wood NOW as they are already scarce and prices are rapidly increasing. We will use this crisis as an opportunity to build stronger, more resilient homes that have the highest likelihood of withstanding future disasters. Click here to learn more about the traditional housing Overture builds.


The cost of each new home is $7,500 and the estimated cost of each repair is $1,500.




School is scheduled to start on October 4 and for children impacted by the earthquake, returning to school is paramount for a sense of normalcy and hope. We must repair existing classrooms at ESPWA and build new classrooms at Camp Perrin and Tiburon. Additionally, school scholarships are of utmost importance because families cannot afford tuition and school is not free in Haiti. To learn more, visit


The estimated cost of repair at ESPWA is $10,000 and each new classroom cost $16,250.

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We need food and supplies to implement and sustain our Community Meal Program for at least two to three months. This will enable us to continue the initiative we detailed above.

Each community meal program cost $1,250 (3 months) and the cost to implement an annual school lunch program for 300 students is $5,500.

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Along with losing their homes, many families in southern Haiti lost all of their possessions, including mattresses, tables, chairs and other basics many of us take for granted.

The cost of supplies for each family is approx. $125.




At ESPWA, we have the need to complete campus-wide structural repairs including repairs to our security wall, secondary school and administration buildings. These structures are critical in allowing us to continue to educate our students, train our parents and young adults and create opportunities for social engagement and empowerment.

The cost for all repairs to the buildings at ESPWA are estimated at $75,000.

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Our ability to reach communities in remote locations requires rugged vehicles that can navigate unfriendly terrain. Families are depending on our nutrition and social development programs to survive and to overcome the generational poverty that has crippled their communities for years. If we can’t reach them, it is likely their needs will go unmet.

The cost of one vehicle is approx. $45,000 and the cost of fuel and maintenance for one year is $8,500.

We need your continued support to help families and communities begin their journey to RECOVERY!

With your help, we can help families build back stronger so when the next disaster strikes, the impact will be less.

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