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DOME Community Centers 

building Sustainable, Scalable Infrastructure

We have learned that the dome structures at our ESPWA campus and in Tiburon have been critical to the recovery efforts from disasters we have experienced since 2016. Domes are the most resilient, efficient and practical solution for building to withstand disasters, teach valuable skills to local residents and help educate community members to the value and importance of strong infrastructures in their communities.

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This is why Overture is launching a project to build dome community centers in six vulnerable locations in the South Department of Haiti.  Our targeted areas for implementing this initiative are currently low-producing and less accessible, where families are experiencing extreme poverty. At Overture, we are committed to serve these areas no matter how challenging.


We believe that the dome community centers will have the ability to more effectively and consistently facilitate the execution of each pillar of our Social Support Model in innumerable ways, such as being a hub for providing access to food, counseling, medical care, parenting and job training, schooling and even emergency housing. It’s an understatement to say that the domes are a critical component of Overture’s success in equipping our friends in southern Haiti to move from generational dependence to independence and self-sufficiency.

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Even before the recent 7.2 magnitude earthquake on August 14th, 2021, most Haitian communities were ill-prepared for surviving and recovering from the massive destruction from natural disasters. For example, Tiburon, one of the locations with a Dome Community Center, is a rural community where more than 75% of families live in extreme poverty. This particular area is isolated, lacks access to resources to rebuild from prior disasters and has been unable to prepare a sustainable solution for protection against natural disasters.

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Until domes were built in this area, they were especially vulnerable to social isolation, lacked access to training and education and did not have adequate safe spaces for storing food and other supplies for disaster response. In other words, communities like this one are a perfect fit for this project.

From this latest 7.2 magnitude earthquake, we’ve learned that the communities we serve in southern Haiti have got to be better prepared for the NEXT earthquake, hurricane, flooding or other disaster. And realistically, the next disaster could be tomorrow. It’s not if but when!



The solution we’re proposing consists of building two domes (32 ft. and 20ft.) in six key locations in the South Department of Haiti, for a total of twelve domes in this particular initiative.  Each dome will serve at least five communities. These domes will provide safe and multi-purpose spaces, while also be implementing an affordable model of social development programs that other organizations and governments can affordably replicate in other disaster-prone regions of Haiti and beyond.


Dome structures are:

  • virtually disaster proof - the shape and composition provide resistance to high winds exceeding category 5 hurricanes (156 mph or more), will withstand earthquakes, and cannot be burned

  • cost effective - using 50% less materials than traditional homes

  • simple and fast to build - can be completed in as little as four weeks

  • locally sourced - the raw materials needed are available in Haiti

  • environmentally friendly and comfortable - because of the concrete thermal mass, the Dome interior temperature remains stable

  • sanitary – no potential for insect infestation, mold or deterioration from rotting 

These domes are a significant component of Overture International’s strategic plan for building a sustainable, scalable infrastructure that is prepared for future disasters and equipped to foster independence and self-sufficiency in these priority communities. All of this work is centered around facilitating the Overture Social Support Model by focusing on these key areas:

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Food Security

Placing disaster-proof domes in these communities will enable families to have food security that doesn’t exist today. WHEN the next disaster strikes, Overture and other response organizations will have safe, secure facilities in which to store emergency relief food and supplies.  Having additional domes will enable Overture to more efficiently and effectively disburse food in the region. And as Nutrition is one pillar of our Social Support Model, the infrastructure to ensure food supplies are available and accessible is critical.

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Emergency Shelter

After the 2021 earthquake, hundreds of families were sheltered in our domes on the ESPWA campus. Because of this, the community members are beginning to accept domes as reliable, safe structures. This is the beginning of a cultural shift in how they think about housing and other structures. Expanding the number and locations of the dome will enable us to increase the number of community members we can accommodate during future disasters. 

Social + Economic Benefits

Domes that can serve as a central community center, will allow Overture to be more effective and impactful with social empowerment work in these communities. The domes can also be used for church gatherings or other social events. The more empowered and connected these communities become, the more likely they are to help their neighbors during disasters and in daily life, creating a more independent and self-sustaining population.

Domes at ESPWA for FP Project-2.png

The domes will also provide a location for jobs training to equip community members with valuable skills they can leverage to earn an income for themselves and their families. 


Furthermore, every new structure that we build, leads to a working community which, by nature, strengthens the local economy. We empower the surrounding community by collaborating with local leadership, purchasing supplies locally and hiring community members to build the new domes. And through the process, local crew members are able to support their families and gain hands-on experience that gives them skills toward gaining future employment. These are all great examples of the power of implementing the Overture Social Support Model in these communities.

Because of the generosity of our donors, the hard work of the Haitian community members and the strategic implementation of the Overture Social Support Model, the domes will ultimately allow us to:

  • increase the availability of mobile healthcare clinics

  • expand educational programming

  • support and encourage local farming

  • develop and support the new Diri Lavi (Rice is Life) food packaging program

  • strengthen more families through social empowerment programs

  • equip more young adults to reject gangs and become productive community members


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