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Empowering communities to assess and develop their own solutions

our programs

Overture's Community Development programs work directly with community members in assessing their own problems, identifying their own resources and developing their own solutions.


desired outcome

Impoverished communities have the resources and protections needed to exercise self-determination to meet community goals and protect all members of the community.


education &
public health

Some of the educational and public health programs of Overture include:

  • safety and wellness workshops for families and children

  • training for teachers and community leaders

  • support and implementation of schools in vulnerable communities

  • facilitation of services for special needs children

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food security

Chronic food insecurity is a result of poverty in Haiti.   A few of the services Overture offer to alleviate malnutrition are:

  • hot lunch programs in schools

  • food distributions in low producing communities

  • solutions to meet long-term nutritional needs

secure housing

At Overture, we believe family preservation is the first step towards empowering Haitians to become independent and self-sustaining. That’s why one of our top priorities is to prevent the separation of families; because strong families result in stronger communities. If we can keep a family unit together, we’re on the right track. And building new homes is one of the many ways we strive to do this.

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disaster preparedness & response

Overture designs and builds homes, and other structures with a focus on disaster preparedness and resiliency.  Other services include:

  • community awareness training & planning

  • emergency response for displacement of families due to natural disasters

  • construction of dome structures

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work in action

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make a difference

provide critical services for families and communities

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